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  • Inspection: Each exit or emergency light fixture is tested to ensure the battery is sufficient to provide 90 minutes of operation on standby power in the event of a power outage. If needed, batteries and bulbs will be replaced.

  • Proper Means of Egress: Total Life Safety will verify that each exit light is properly oriented directing a viable path to means of egress.

  • Adequate Coverage: Total Life Safety will verify that existing exit and emergency lighting adequately provides illumination for every area of your facility. If the need for additional lighting is determined, we will make you aware of all areas needing additional coverage.

  • Physical Damage: Each exit light will be visually inspected to ensure the unit is free from physical damage which may prevent the fixture from working properly in the event of loss of power.

  • Proof of Service: Total Life Safety can install service labels with dates (additional charges may apply) on each fixture to verify the last date of service.

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