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  • Annual Inspection: Each fire extinguisher is inspected and tested per the procedures outlined in NFPA 10. Some common tests performed are internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Your Total Life Safety technician will provide detail of any internal maintenance and testing required during the annual inspection. A new tamper seal and service tag are attached to each fire extinguisher that has passed inspection, internal maintenance or testing.


  • Proper Installation: Total Life Safety will verify that each fire extinguisher is mounted correctly. Proper mounting is essential to ensuring ease of use in the event of an emergency. Improperly mounted equipment can accidently dislodge causing injury or rendering the fire extinguisher inoperable.

  • Extinguisher Accessibility: State and Local codes require that extinguishers are easily accessible. Total Life Safety will advise if any extinguishers are blocked or not easily accessible. We will work with you to have the blockage removed or relocate the fire extinguisher to another location. 

  • Verification of Extinguisher Selection: Some agents may not be effective on certain types of fires or achieve the correct rating for a specific hazard. Total Life Safety will verify that each fire extinguisher contains the correct agent and carries the proper listing for the area of coverage.

  • Distribution and Coverage: Total Life Safety will work with you to make certain that your facility has the proper number, size and placement of fire extinguishers to protect the building structure and occupancy hazards. If a deficiency is noted, our technician will work with you to resolve the issue.

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